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Shinobi Ninja

I'm not one for mainstream music because they all sound the same to me.  I love musicians and bands that have unique styles separating them from everyone else, making them more recognizable just from their sound alone. Garbage, Celldweller and Blue Stahli are excellent examples of this because they have styles that cannot be mimicked [...]

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Cannabis / Medical Marijuana

With the rapid movement of the legalization of marijuana in the United States, I just want to take a moment to express my feelings on the matter.  First off, I don't smoke weed, or else I'll be like the extremely cool hookah-smoking caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland (and I mean the REAL one in the [...]

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International League of Producers (ILP)

Back in July 2015, I joined this worldwide community called the International League of Producers (or "ILP" for short). While we do have producers from countries all over the world, most of us make music in the Hip Hop domain. So, I guess I can better describe ILP as LXG meets NWA, minus Ice Cube, Dr. [...]

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Narcotized Essence of Bourgeousie

There is something the soul cannot know as long as it's trapped within the prison of the body. It is a world of light and dark; it is a world of opposing polarities and opposing tendancies; a sign that's contained at the level of myth. There is the will to power. There is the real [...]

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Starlight, starbright First star I see tonight   So exotic, Views of her are quite hypnotic. Mythologic, The definition of rhapsodic. Neurologic Making mental spasms episodic. Through plain logic, Her figure makes you think she's toxic. It's no surprise: She could make you paralyzed With no disguise, But with one quick look into her eyes. [...]

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Short Liners

Gothic Galaxia In the cold depths of darkness, the peaceful silence is not what it seems. For in the black mass of emptiness, no one can hear you scream.   Lunar Nirvana All I want to do is make your body move with sounds made to soothe and revive your soul anew   Utopia Wow! [...]

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Yeah, yo, this is Xenon. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My own status quo at Atomic 54 Will make you paralyzed from your head to your toe. Linger in your face without a trace Make you feel like you're so high, you be floating out in space. Scientists say I'm a [...]

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