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 SKU:  Oracle-EP1
 Release Date:  May 1, 2015
 Genre:  Dance / Electronica / Industrial / Orchestral / Psychedelic Trance / Trance
1. Utopia
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2. Undefined Gravity
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3. Cybernetic Hyacinth
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4. Twylite
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What Inspired This Album

Since the release of Only the Beginning, I went through a lot of life situations, from poverty and malnutrition to escaping from a city like a refugee to a few job changes to buying a house and lots more. All of this happened within a span of four years. I was exhausted with life. Another thing that happened during that time was my computer hard drive crashing, making me lose all of my music. To a computer nerd and a music producer, this was a HUGE travesty! For me, this is where the American expression “The straw that broke the camel’s back” would apply. I saw my history, my past vanish to non-existence in the crash.

Instead of having a pity party, I felt I needed to be like the Phoenix going through nirvana and start everything fresh and new. I needed to get back to producing. I couldn’t do that without a computer. So, I built myself a new computer. I, then, developed a new sound. With a new sound, I gained a new image. I couldn’t have a new image with the old name, Aphonic Oracle. Because of this, Oracle Kai was born. As Oracle Kai, I wanted to embed my essence in my music; express my knowledge, wisdom and interests through my sounds; have the world get an idea of who this Oracle really is.

Four years since my last and only release, I needed to get more music out there for all of you. I didn’t want more time to pass for me to make another full album. So, an EP was the next best thing. This EP was going to be treated as an introduction to what goes on in my mind, which often times has to do with science fiction, astrology and cyberspace. This would be a portal to my being. That’s why anyone who listens to this EP will be taking a cybernetic wormhole to the mind of this Oracle.

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