Release Date:  Unreleased
 Genre:  Electronica / Funk / Porn Grooves / Trance
1. Outdoor Rendezvous
2. Rave in Ecstasy

What Inspired This Album

Making music for sexual fun, I tend to overdeliver and make too many instrumentals for a CD to hold.  This forces me to choose which ones will make it on the album and which ones won’t.  For the ones that don’t make it, I figured I would make them my secret tracks.  However, I think it would be a huge disappointment to not satisfy you with a chance to hear what I’ve made (and I am not one to disappoint).  So, I set it up to where the only way to know these secrets is to buy my albums directly from this website.  You won’t find these tracks anywhere else, but I do welcome you to get to know my dirty little secrets.

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