Back in July 2015, I joined this worldwide community called the International League of Producers (or “ILP” for short). While we do have producers from countries all over the world, most of us make music in the Hip Hop domain. So, I guess I can better describe ILP as LXG meets NWA, minus Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, and Sean Connery. Right now, it’s more of a brotherhood, and we try to promote each other. Well, I shouldn’t really say it’s a brotherhood because the person behind the Official ILP Website is a talented, artist doll, and she is definitely one of ILP all the way.

I do support these guys and their creative skills.  I already pass on and share their sounds on my personal Facebook page.  Instead, what I’m going to do is post some of their tracks on this website.  This way, word can get around via Twitter as well, and all of you can have a chance to hear what they can do.  You will know if the artist is part of our community because I will put “(ILP)” after their name.

Currently, we’re working on our first ILP collaborative album. It will contain tracks from producers with different styles and backgrounds. I think the final product of the album will be a smash hit in itself!  I’m thoroughly excited about it!

Until Next Time…