Only the BeginningThere is something the soul cannot know as long as it’s trapped within the prison of the body. It is a world of light and dark; it is a world of opposing polarities and opposing tendancies; a sign that’s contained at the level of myth.

There is the will to power. There is the real tug and tussle of the brutal, physical world, and it is within that world that we express our impulses to power and control. But there is a cheerfulness in enlightenment, progressive thought. The cheerfulness is not that the world is our oyster or a perfect place, but that it’s perfectable.

Look too deeply and you will find things that should not be known. Is this self-examination merely hubristic or is it dangerous? Do we finally start to uncover what really makes us tick? So much of what we do is actually a sublimation of the very basic instinctual impulses that we refuse to face.

A spirit capable of rising above the welter of mere conventionality, mere opinion, the stock beliefs and praises of a narcotized, self-hypnotized population that will do anything to keep itself out of trouble and in the gravy (so to speak).

There is the recognition that we have, if only at an unconscious level, that we do not have some innate dignity; that dignity is the kind of thing that’s won. It is won through a contest in which some are victorious, and others must be defeated…