Hello, Everyone! I just want to take a moment to explain to you the philosophy I put into my website.

The Look of my Website:

One of the things that I live by is the “Keep It Simple, Stupid!” principle. I have been to websites where there is way too much going on that you don’t know where to go to see what you’re looking for. Lots of blinking pictures, flashing imagesĀ and moving parts and pop-ups that it’s hard to put your focus on anything. I like my site to be easy on the eyes. (Too much white from a bright screen hurts & strains the retinas.) A little moving picture here or there is nice to keep a web page interesting, but it’s always great if you have control of where you want your eyes to go. While I do have a lot going on, I try to display everything in a clean and simple fashion.

The Feel of my Website:

I LOVE to have fun! (Who doesn’t, right?) I have a lot of fun making, adding to, and updating my website. I do my very best to make my website fun for you to browse through, to play with, and to talk about with your friends and family. I like my atmosphere and environment to feel relaxed. I try to implement that same feeling into my website with humor and laughter.

The Security of my Website:

As you can see, there is a green padlock next to my web address. While I try to keep everything light-hearted and fun, I take website security serious to the maximum capacity. There isn’t much to purchase directly from my site, but all financial transactions are made through Paypal, not through me. I have no need for any of your personal information (except maybe your country for language translation purposes). Having a great sense of security adds on to the fun and relaxed atmosphere I desire you to have.

The Content of my Website:

As I explain in my About the Oracle page, I have a few sides to my person. Each side of me contributes to this website: Some for everyone, some for adults only, and the rest are in-between. I say this because everyone’s sense of humor is different, and I try to respect your comfort level when it comes to certain topics. I established content characteristics for you to decipher which side of me posted the content. Aside from the blog title and author’s name, look at the background color. Blue background means it’s for everyone by Oracle Kai; Red background means it’s typically for adults only by Willie Magg. This way, if you feel uncomfortable reading certain blog posts, you can avoid it altogether by looking for these characteristics before reading. Please understand that I am who I am, and I don’t hold myself back. While I love the idea of being able to please everyone, I know that pleasing absolutely everyone in this world is the key to failure.

Until Next Time…