Sexcapades: Adventures in Eroticism


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I had many ideas for a new album, such as the melodies floating in my head. I really wanted to start a series rather than just make another album. Furthermore, I wanted this to be another set of background music, but not be as conservative as I was with Porn Music for Porn Movies. I wanted to express my views and opinions, and not be afraid of what others may think of me for doing so. The ideas of how to make each track and what to title them are all based on the sexual stories that several of you guys told me (which were all very hot, by the way. Thank you for involving me in your adventures.) That is, except four tracks:

  • White Lace and Black Lace are two tracks from Porn Music for Porn Movies that I remastered. I wanted them in this series because I have other ideas for “laces” of other colors that I want to create as I continue with this series of albums.
  • Coitified Funktion is a track dedicated to women in general because I love them all. I strongly wish I could please every single woman I come across. So, to do that, I gave instructions on the track. If women follow my instructions, then they could turn their house speaker into a functional vibrator.
  • Cougar in Candlelight is a track dedicated specifically to middle-aged women whose appearances always grab my attention. I have the deepest and greatest love for Older Women, MILFs and Cougars, and I believe that a smooth jazz sound is a good complement to the ravishing image of a middle-aged woman.

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April 30, 2016


Electronica, Ethnic, Funk, Jungle, Porn Grooves, Trance


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