About Malachi

In one sentence, I would say I am a simple, yet enigmatic music producer who wants to share his thoughts and sounds with the world.

I am but one man. However, there are several sides of me that make up my whole person. Each side is its own aspect that can be best categorized by Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory:

I figured it’s best to dissect me in this manner to better understand my mentality, my likes and dislikes, and my interests; otherwise, my words would seem contradictory. Thus, the enigmatic persona that I inherited. Overall, I do my very best to bring a smile to every person I encounter, even if it is through electronic communication.

About Oracle Kai

Oracle Kai is a side of me that is about wisdom and logic. I love to analyze topics and stories. I know that the first four letters of “analyze” means to be “anal” about the details, but there are always at least two sides to every story that I seek to understand. I’m a huge advocate for education and grammar. I’m fascinated by anything that is science-based: Chemistry, Biology, Cybernetics, Astrology, Science Fiction, Mythology, etc.

Why be called “Oracle?”

Not to stroke my own ego, but over the years of my life, people have learned that I’m easy to talk to. I don’t judge anyone except myself because it’s not fair for me to degrade others by their flaws when I have my own flaws to worry about. I know very well that the idealism of “the perfect person with no flaws of any kind” is inconceivable and unachievable. Because I know this, people have comfortably told me stories and secrets involving their flaws and problems, and I don’t get fazed by them. Their confidence in me is a compliment to me that I take very seriously. I would, in fact, analyze what they told me, then give the advice and guidance that they seek. I was once called “The Don” for this. Then, someone promoted me to being “The Godfather.”

With these titles, I understood them saying that I’m the rock that people lean on; that I’m the wise man that people come to for advice. However, someone once told me that a “wise person” is literally the definition of an oracle. I guess with all of the lessons I learned in life so far, I didn’t realize I had much wisdom until people pointed it out to me.

About Willie Magg

Willie Magg is the side of me that is all about the world and culture of sex. I love learning new sex terms that are formed, new sex positions that are discovered, new anything that is sex-related. I love talking sex and am quick to have conversations go on a sexual turn. People have told me many times to get my head “out of the gutters” because it’s dirty. My usual response to that is my head being way beyond the gutters and is actually in the sewers because it’s filthy. I prefer to be very open about my sexuality.I love watching people have sex, whether in real life or on porn videos.

I have a huge respect for the porn industry. In the current years of my life, I’ve always wanted to be a part of the porn industry. Knowing that the industry involves not just porn videos and magazines, but also sex chats, erotic stories, sex toys and machines, I want to contribute to the industry by bringing in my own style of porn grooves.

On a side note, I studied the wonders of Human Sexuality with a focus in Female Anatomy. I academically studied women in medical dictionaries and books with the perspective of viewing female bodies as “mysterious universes waiting to be revealed.” Frankly, the more I studied, the more I grew in admiration of all that is Woman. To this very day, I have a very strong fascination and admiration for women, particularly older women. Much like Giacomo Casanova, what I feel is a deep desire for them, and a constant yearning to physically show my love and appreciation for them.

About Anön Amiss

Anön Amiss is the visually artistic side of me. When words cannot describe the imagery in my head, which is very rare when that happens, Anön portrays it in digital-art form with the use of his self-taught Adobe Photoshop skills. As his name suggests, Anön Amiss is more of the behind-the-scenes kind of character, preferring to remain incognito and in the shadows.