Release Date:  Unreleased
 Genre:  Electronica / Trance / Industrial / Psychedelic Trance
1. Astronomiks 2.0
2. Celestial Sphere
3. Astronomiks 3.0
4. Internal Damage

What Inspired This Album

When creating my albums, I produced tracks that I wanted to include in my albums.  However, when deciding the final set of tracks for my albums, these didn’t make the cut.  Thinking about it very deeply, it would be a waste to spend as much time as I did making these tracks and I never give anyone a chance to ever listen to them.  So, I built a virtual vault for songs and instrumentals that I cannot foresee being released on an album.  Ironically, the only way to get these tracks is to purchase my albums directly from this website.  These tracks literally cannot be found anywhere else.  I guess you can say that this website is your only access to my virtual vault.

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