Willie: Oooh. You’re trying to get me in trouble with that question, huh?
(Lady Lust laughs)
Willie: Uh. Honestly, women are masterpieces in my eyes.
Lady Lust: Whatever!
Willie: No. Seriously! I believe they are much to be desired, whether petite, husky, or all the sizes in between. What I truly want for women is for them to feel great and secure about themselves, regardless of their shape or size, because I do see them as visually appealing wherever I go. They are great masterpieces to behold. So, if you ladies out there ever feel insecure about yourselves, you can always reach out to me. I have a contact form on my website.
(Lady Lust laughs)



Madeline: (Laughs) Of course.
Willie: My favorite porn movie… Hmm.
Madeline: Can you think of one?
Willie: I can’t say just one. There are way too many to name.
Madeline: And so…?
Willie: The first of which that comes to mind are the movies by Nubile Films because just the cinematography alone is just impeccable.
Madeline: Oh yeah?
Willie: But, uh, I am more into the 70s and 80s porn movies with plots and storylines like Great Sexpectations with Kelly Nichols or the Taboo series with Kay Parker. Not to mention that I’m very much into the older, motherly image like Kay Parker and Honey Wilder.
Madeline: Oh really?
Willie: So, Anilos.com definitely has my attention. I, also, have major crushes on Cory Chase and Sofia Rae because of my love of older women, MILFs and Cougars.